PNOY is reluctant to abolish the pork barrel, because abolition would mean weakening the control of the Executive over the Congress.  Marcos originated pork PH-style to bribe and bludgeon members of the national assembly thru PD 1177, known as the Budget Reform Act of 1977.  In it Marcos abolished the line-item budget system, enforced since the Commonwealth, for the lump sum appropriations.  The pork barrels for legislators and the President are all in lump sum, to be disposed of by them according to their whims.  But since the President can withhold or delay pork for legislators, they are all like crocodiles waiting with their mouths wide open for their lump of pork.  Hence, they are under the control of their Great Feeder.  As for the Supreme Court, Marcos also bribed it into compliance by forming the Judicial and Bar Council, the majority of whom are appointed by the President, which council appoints the SC justices without need of congressional confirmation.  Thus both the Congress and the Judiciary are held by the throat by the President, making him a virtual dictator forever unless his decree is repealed.  Thus Marcos succeeded in prolonging his dictatorship even after death.  That makes him better than Machiavelli.


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August 27, 2013 · 7:05 am

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