Should We Believe Marcos?


From the post of Conrad Vicente Novales (by email) , Doy Laurel is said to have made the following statement regarding Marcos’s wealth: “I can attest to that. Weak and already on his deathbed when I visited him in Hawaii on February 3, 1989, Marcos personally asked me to convey to Cory Aquino his offer to give up 90% of his earthly possessions to the Filipino people, through a Foundation which he had set up, but Cory only would allow him to die in his own country and be buried beside his mother. I related this incident in a book Neither Trumpets Nor Drums, published in 1992 right after I ended my term as Vice President of the Philippines.”

The flaw in this narrative of Doy is that it takes Marcos’s declaration “on his deathbed” as prima facie true. I say, the man was incapable of telling the truth. He has been lying to the Filipino people ever since he denied assassinating Nalundasan, up to his alleged guerrilla exploits during the Japanese Occupation, which had been exposed as fake, which was the basis of his 30 medals; to his lying affidavits about his cattle in Bukidnon in claiming for war damage after the war; his claim that he discovered the Yamashita Treasure to justify his illegal wealth; to his justification of martial law, supposedly to suppress rebellion, but which he used to set up a personal and conjugal dictatorship, etc.

In the issue of the Philippine Graphic of June 29, 1992, I wrote an article entitled, “Marcos Gold:Hoax Or Reality”. The story was about the attempt by Marcos in 1988 while on exile in Hawaii to raise money to fund his return to the Philippines, a plot that was taped by two undercover CIA agents whom Marcos tried to enlist to lead the invasion of the Philippines. The tape was played by Rep. Solarz before a US House committee. One of the persons from whom Marcos appealed to lend him money was Enrique Zobel. In an affidavit, Zobel said Marcos asked to borrow $250 million from him, offering his “gold certificates” from various, which he valued at $35 billion, as collateral. In a written statement, distributed to reporters, Zobel said:

“I wondered to myself whether Marcos was still bullshitting me, but given his state of health I was more inclined to believe that he was already at a point where he knew that death was not far away …” Bu after he examined the gold certificates, he told Marcos, “These are fake, Mr. President.” He did not make the loan. In short, Zobel admitted that Marcos, his “good friend”, had always been bullshitting him. Neither did a Saudi Arabian prince whose conversation with Marcos was taped by the two US undercover agents. Marcos, up to his death, talked of a foundation in which he allegedly donated his wealth to the Filipino people. Imelda used it to cajole thousands of gullible Filipino “loyalists” to support her. So where is the foundation deed now? Is the money deposited in an offshore account by a Marcos daughter part of the Marcos money?

To believe Marcos in the face of a lifetime of mendacity is to be extremely naive.


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July 14, 2013 · 6:44 am

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